Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Google Apps

Have you heard of Google Apps? Well you may have been missing out. These is a great piece of technology developed by the Google masterminds most likely in its attempt to compete with the Microsoft offering. Many people may be confused as to what this is exactly, but CAD has implemented this for several clients now.

Here are some of the features...

At least 50 email accounts at 7GBs each. (Thats a whole lot of email space). This is essentially a company gmail account, but with your suffix ( instead of ( The interface online interface is just like Gmail's interface. But you can easily get setup to receive emails on your phone our by using the Outlook Interface like I do.

Document Sharing
You can share important documents either internally or with clients and give them certain read and/or write permisions. I used this with a couple of clients and its very very neat.

Your own intranet
This is very cool. I havent actually used the full extent of it yet, but it does everything you can expect an intranet to be used for.

And by the way, all of this is either free or extremely inexpensive depending on the size of your company or organization.

I can easily help you implement this for your business. Contact me for a free consultation.

Collin Johnson
Control Alt Designs