Friday, March 4, 2011

CAD Launches New Website -

The challenge

This website was an interesting challenge. I was approached to create an updated look and feel for a theatre company in Memphis, TN called Hattiloo. The owner’s old website was very outdated being that it was created 5 years ago. Three of us worked together tirelessly to get this site launched in time for an announcement that the owner wanted to make on a local news station. We did a lot from creating a new website design from scratch, migrating email accounts, buying up all related domain names, updating old and creating new content, searching for a new ticket purchasing service, adding a cool photo gallery, and so much more. And we did all this in just a few days. I must say that this is the fastest I have ever launched a website from scratch.

A special thanks to the excellent copywriter/junior web designer Tiffany Johnson of QP Legal! (

And all this was basically pro-Bono (but I'm already seeing returns from it)

Another project complete. Now on to the next one!

Testimonial from the owner:

“Hey, Collin. Not only am I satisfied, I am inspired. Your design is adding so much momentum to what we're doing and building. Thank you so much for lending your artistic ability to Hattiloo.”


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